Aging Well in Communities: A Toolkit for Planning, Engagement & Action

Eighty million members of the boomer generation (born between 1946–1964) have reached or are approaching the traditional retirement age of 65. These boomers overwhelmingly want to age in place. Yet few communities are prepared to meet the needs of older residents, or to engage these residents in civic life.

In response, the Center for Civic Partnerships created Aging Well in Communities: A Toolkit for Planning, Engagement & Action.

How the Aging Well Toolkit Helps Local Governments

This toolkit gives local governments the resources they need to successfully plan for aging well in their communities.

The toolkit:

  • Breaks down the aging well planning process into manageable steps and gives specific guidance for each
  • Provides a structured process for gathering different types of information from different sources at different times
  • Offers ways to involve residents, local government, older adult service providers, businesses, faith communities, nonprofit organizations, and other stakeholders representing the diversity of the community in the planning process
  • Presents a path to a future where older residents can age in place while continuing to engage in and contribute to the community

The toolkit includes:

  • A community planning overview, which presents key elements of an aging well planning process
  • Step-by-step guides for three important data-gathering activities:
    • Resident surveys
    • Public forums
    • Focus groups

We encourage you to use this toolkit to begin your own planning process. By doing so, you can help ensure a better quality of life for older residents, and a richer, more vibrant future for your community.