Welcome to Carepage


We are here to help Americans become more knowledgeable about benefits and care available to them. Our goal is to help connect qualified beneficiaries with programs that are appropriate for them.

Our goal is to help everyone that is in need. We provide a detailed directory so you can find locations in your town to help you. We also help with psychological needs such as counseling and therapy.

For example, government programs such as Social Security and Medicaid can be confusing to figure out. We are here to help you figure out which programs you qualify for. We will also connect you with local offices in your city that can help you with issues that may be out of our scope.

We are also involved with end of life care. There are professionals that can help with the most difficult step that we face during our time here on earth. Every dying person needs to be able to count on excellent care. Carepage aims to improve end-of-life care by providing you transparency regarding hospice care. We provide you with peace of mind in knowing you have chosen the correct end-of-life care for your loved ones.

Our goals are to:

1. Provide you with local care providers that are just right for your family
2. Explore and educate yourself and others on your options
3. Help you make a sound decision that is in your families best interest

We are always looking for volunteers to help our mission. Please contact us to find out which opportunities may be available to you.